Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guitar Man's Birthmother

We only know her last name from legal papers we received a few years ago.  His adoption was finalized well before open adoptions were an option.  Even though he was born before Roe v. Wade, I'm sure abortion could have been an option for her.  She gave her baby to an agency to decide who would parent him best.  Every once in a while I whisper 'thank you' to her.  After reading AIHPT's harrowing adoption story, I am moved to do more for her.  Really, all I can do is pray for her where ever she is.  That will have to be enough.  Guitar Man has no desire to search out his birthparents.

Adoption is such a beautiful gift.  Like most gifts from God, it is born from pain.  I have no idea what she went through- her thoughts, her feelings, her fears.  Did she hold him? Did she want to keep him?  Was she relieved when they took him away?  Whatever it was though, her courageous actions resulted in me being able to share my life with this precious man.

Thank you for trusting.

Thank you for carrying him.

His life wasn't perfect.

But, he's okay.  He's more than okay.

He's a beautiful person who does beautiful things for God.


  1. This is beautiful. Prayer is always the best thing we can do for someone else. I believe that some day, maybe not until you meet in heaven, there will be a lady who thanks you for praying for her and then you will know her.

  2. We have yet to adopt but I have already had similar thoughts of our future birthmother. I pray for this unknown woman all the time. Thank you sharing yet another perspective (i.e. being married to someone who is adopted). You are right, Adoption is born from pain but what beautiful stories result from this pain. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. This is soooo beautiful. You made me cry. As an adoptive mother in a closed adoption I also know only a few facts about my sons biological mother, still I cannot but thank every day she chose life and was brave enough to make the best decision for her son, true love.
    We have both been very blessed by to women that we will probably never meet in life.

  5. It is so wonderful that your husband's birthmother gave him life!
    I wonder if it would have been easier doing a closed adoption with Luke, vs an open one, as the mom would "know for sure", but I wondered also if he would miss the info on who his parents were.
    It was painful to watch Luke's birth family say "goodbye for now". I can't imagine "goodbye forever." I know Guitar Man's mom wouldn't have forgotten him. How awesome it is that you pray for her!