Saturday, October 19, 2013


The longer I didn't update, the easier it became to not update.  Lots of negatives in that sentence, huh?  Jen's revelation that she needs to write struck a chord with me.  I need to write for the same reasons.  I often go back over old posts to re-read them and they help me process my feelings and memories.

Unfortunately, I'm a perfectionist and I don't have a lot of time to blog.  By the time I read everyone's blog and comment (sometimes) and check facebook, my internet time is over.  Now that I'm friends with bloggers on facebook and in the IF group, I have even less time to blog.  Plus, I'm a teacher and am very hesitant to share certain things on a semi-private blog.  I'm also in a new phase of infertility.  When I started this blog, I thought our chances of having a baby were over 50%.  Now, I think they are under.  Way under.  I'm not totally okay with it, but I am consoled.  So, what to do with the blog.  Not sure.  But, I need to write.  So, it will continue with short posts that will not be heavily edited.  In other words, posts written very quickly!  We'll see...

Missed you guys although, I've been reading your blogs for the past 3 months!

This summer was one of bearing fruit.  It was much needed after a difficult season.  Our trip to Europe was fabulous.  My sister visited for 2 and 1/2 weeks and then the friend we were visiting in Germany visited for 2 weeks.  Our summer was non-stop visiting and hanging out.  Then, Guitar Man released his self-published novel at the end of August. That will be another post in an of itself.  He worked on it for 3 years- carving little bits of time from our overburdened schedule.  Saying I'm proud of him is only the beginning.  To top it all off, our god daughter was born and baptized.  She was prayed for and wanted for so long.  

Here is a video of our trip.  It's long- I'm putting it here for my reference so no pressure to watch!  Although, if you start it, you'll see video of our car fire on the Autobahn at the 20 second mark.  Yes, we shut down the Autobahn as our van burned to the ground.  St. Christopher kept us safe and we had plenty of time to evacuate the car!