Saturday, October 29, 2011

Prudent Hope- Napro appointment

Had an hour long phone appointment with my Napro doctor this past Wednesday.  I'm still trying to process everything.

Current Symptoms:

  • with each cycle, I seem to have more pain associated with my period (at first I thought it was cervical and now it's farther up)
  • the pain isn't there the month after I've been on antibiotics (I've been on 2 rounds) but, returns the following month
  • very, very tender breasts before period
  • just this past cycle for the first time, I had intermittent brown bleeding before period
  • just this past cycle for the first time, I had watery, pink discharge
  • fatigue (improved after changed sleep habits but, still severe)
  • poor mucus scores- improved greatly after three months of 500 mg slow release B6 but, now poor again after being off of the B6
Current medications and supplements:
  • 300 mg of progesterone peak +3 through peak +12
  • 600 mg of mucinex 2 times per day CD5 through peak +4
  • multivitamin with copper and iron
  • 30 mg of zinc daily
  • 200 mg of Magnesium Glycinate daily
  • 6,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily
  • 500 mg of Panthenic Acid daily
  • Probiotic once a day
  • 1000 mg of Omega 3 daily
  • Advair inhaler
  • Flonase nosespray
Dr. S's recommendations:
  • 7.5 mg (not sure if it's mg- haven't received the prescription yet) of T3
  • Go back on B6
  • Antibiotic treatment for DH and I on days 1-10
  • Anti inflammatory diet
  • Doesn't think the progesterone is causing the the brown bleeding or watery, pink discharge
    • these two things are new in my cycle and so is the progesterone
    • I've had brown bleeding but usually not intermittent (one day of it, next day nothing)
  • Future thoughts:
    • pre-peak blood work
    • discuss laproscopy and hysteroscopy 
    • see if there's endo and get a scraping to identify type of possible infection
Thoughts and feelings: 

I was absolutely over the moon about the T3.  They are sending it from Mecca- Kubat's pharmacy.  I am more excited about this than I should be.  I am trying to temper my hope a bit regarding this being the 'it' drug for me. The anti-inflammatory diet hasn't sunk in yet- I've been very confused about diet lately and this just adds to the confusion.  I've just recently made huge headway with weight loss and am not ready to rock the boat just yet.  Maybe I'll tackle it in a few weeks when I get the T3 underway.  The possible surgery totally floored me.  I've always had very regular periods with no pain so this came as a huge surprise.  I love my doctor because she as doesn't like "to take a shotgun approach."  She was just letting me know what's going on in her mind.  Peoria has a brand new NaPro surgeon and my doctor discussed my case with her.  Even though I'm probably a candidate and I'm sure she is a great surgeon, I'm also aware that surgeons like to do surgery.  It's definitely on the back burner but, the thought gave me that shaky feeling.  I'm offering up the fear and anxiety for Jelly Belly.  I am so incredibly thankful for all the medical posts I've read over the last two and a half years on these blogs.  It gives me a frame of reference for what's going on and most importantly, it reminds me that I'm not alone.  God Bless all of you.  



  1. I'm going through the T3 screen this month, so I can easily understand your excitement in that area. It's helpful/comforting for me to know that someone else is in the "considering surgery" boat. Praying for you.

  2. Sounds like a great appointment with your doctor! I love it when they have a clear plan! I hope that T3 is going to help you too!

    Thank you much for your prayers! I'm definitely feeling them!

  3. I believe the new surgeon in Peoria is the one who checked on me post surgery here in Omaha. I remember her saying she was moving like the next week after I saw her (in July). I think she helped with my surgery with Dr. Keefe also. She was very nice and thorough the days after the surgery when she saw me on her rounds.

  4. What a great game plan!

    Definitely discuss options about surgery with the surgeon, at the very least. I never had painful periods, ever, but I had Stage II endo. Sometimes it only displays itself as infertility.

    I'm excited for your T3 from Mecca... hehehe!


  5. So glad you are in the hands of good doctors! And while it's true that surgeons may like to do surgery, at least from what I've seen, NaPro surgeons aren't always quick to jump to surgery so if they think you may need it, discuss it. There are some conditions that can't be easily diagnosed or ruled out without going in and taking a look, unfortunately. :( I too am realizing that within the next two months, surgery will be on the table for discussion. Not thrilled, but it may be for the best.

  6. I agree with the ladies above ... it sounds like your doc is thorough and you have a great game plan! I hope T3 is your drug ... and yes, Kubats is THE Mecca of pharmacies. :)