Saturday, October 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes- Saturday Lite Edition

I have several serious posts in my head, but can't muster the mental energy to write them down.  So, here are a few lite anecdotes from our recent life...

A few weeks ago, we had a clogged pipe and in trying to fix it, Guitar Man and I created a flood in our kitchen.    As we were calmly cleaning it up, he said, "thank goodness our screamy-screamy days are behind us."  St.  Joseph is surely looking out for us!  Here is our kitchen after 3 days without a sink.  I'm trusting you guys with this information.  

I had to get a new blender and say goodbye to my trusty, 30 year old Osterizer.  My grandma bought it for me at a garage sale about 10 years ago and it had a glass pitcher.  It just wasn't blending well anymore.  I will miss its 70s avocado green and orange that fit so well in our 2 year old kitchen.  What does that say about my color choices?  

 I triple checked the recipe when I roasted these chickens.  Yes, it called for this much butter and, yes, there was a direct correlation between the deliciousness of this chicken and amount of butter consumed.    You may be able to tell from the picture that I roasted the chickens upside down.  Oops.  Maybe that's why the breast wasn't dry at all! 


Cookie was blessed last weekend and the sweetest Blessing of the Animals.  

Cookie is on the left
I'm reading Breaking Night by Liz Murray.  Great book about growing up with drug addicted parents, the power of love and the importance of education.

I've really been struggling to keep up with commenting on everyone's blog and writing on my own.  Please know that I've been reading and praying though.  

There is only one Creighton Practitioner in our area and she is an intern.  I've been seeing her for about a year now.   In the confessional last weekend, I got a bit of a theology of the body lecture from my confessor and he asked, "Have you considered seeing T--- S----."  I said, with as much humility as I could muster, "Actually, I'm one of her clients."  I had many different feelings after walking out of the confessional concerning this, but now I just think it's funny.  And I thank the good Lord above for the grace of reconciliation in the face of a myriad of feelings.  

Have a great weekend everyone and Jen has lots more 7 Quick Takes!


  1. Your kitchen looks great! I can see past all the countertop stuff. Love the colors!!!
    Your chicken looks yummy! I'll bet it tasted great. Butter makes everything all better. :)

  2. That's quite a bit of butter there!!! Must've been pretty tasty though!!!

  3. send me that chicken recipe NOW!!! :) LOL My mother said to roast a turkey upside down and it will never dry out. I wonder if that is the same for chickens.....I'm making that chicken this week! ;)

  4. Chicken looks yummy. I know what you mean about keeping up with blogging. Sometimes life just gets busy or we get busy in our own thoughts and it is hard to keep reaching out.

  5. Thanks for sharing the incredible gift of your cooking with our family. Sorry I broke the kitchen - - Love, Guitar Man

  6. I recently roasted my first chicken and was shocked by the amount of butter needed too. But I'm a Paula Dean kind of girl so I went with it and it was delicious!!

    Also, this may be weird, but is that a piebald dachshund in that picture? My parents have one and I'm kind of a piebald fanatic now! :)