Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes- Vegetable Edition


I've radically changed my diet in the last month.  I've made a few major changes, but the most important is that I'm focusing on eating 5 veggies a day.  It hasn't happened everyday- especially the days we were flying ;)  But, this one simple change drastically altered how I view eating on a daily basis.  There were several encounters that led to this transformation.  

Watching Sew detox.  Although I am doing a tiny bit in comparison to Sew, she has inspired me to think about my colon and veggies are good for that!


Getting a book from a friend about using almond flour and coconut flour led me to Elena's Pantry.  After reading her recipes and seeing her diet, I was inspired to incorporate more veggies.


Wellness Mama is very inspiring.  I'm not sure I totally buy into going grain-free, her recipes and ideas are great. 


Reading Born to Run.  The vegan diet this Mexican tribe eats keeps them free from chronic illness.


Weight Watchers topic of the week a few weeks ago was Vegetables .  They encouraged us to make the veggies the centerpiece of the meal. 


A had a long talk with a physical therapist friend.  She founded her own clinic and treats patients using integrative techniques.  She very, very gently encouraged me to eat more veggies.  She said they are the key to what I need to get healthy. 

So, after being knocked over the head about this topic several times, I'm thinking it might be the Holy Spirit working.  Do I feel better? A tiny bit.  I am more regular though ;)  Cravings are fewer and I'm still losing weight.   And, I feel as though I'm being proactive with my health which brings great peace. 

Do you guys have any recipes with veggies as the centerpiece of the meal?  I'm doing lots of romaine and spinach wraps and roasting veggies on the grill.  That's going to get old fast!!

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  1. Elana is on paleo diet. :) Get yourself some fat with those veggies. :) sew

  2. I agree. Getting some fat will help with cravings. Good luck.

  3. I'm with you on needing more veggies! I'm thinking that I may have to try to eat vegetarian for a month; not because I dislike meat, but I really like a lot of vegetarian meals a and there are actual vegetables in them. We'll see how it goes.