Sunday, January 8, 2012

7 quick takes- Sunday edition

I just figured out that I can reply to comments on my blog through gmail. Duh!!! Just took 6 months to figure that out!

The super clean out of 2012 started off well and then hit a snag this weekend.  I did the 27 fling boogie each day on the garage and it's done!! Yay!  We can park a car in there now.  The garage isn't clean by any means, it's just picked up to get a car in there.  I don't have time to do the one hour of work this weekend because I totally overbooked myself.  I'm not happy with myself at all.  I have 3 social engagements.  Plus, I always have to work at school for at least a few hours so there goes all my time.  Hopefully, I will live and learn.  

I gave my maternity clothes to Goodwill.  Even if on the off chance I get pregnant, I'm not going to want to wear 11 year old maternity clothes anyway.  Even so, I was sad as I drove away.  

With the whole rythmn word I'm focusing on, I'm realizing how distracted I am and how hard it is for me to concentrate.  When I do finally get going on a task, I become super focused and it's hard for me to be flexible and stop or be interrupted.  This is good information for how to move forward even if I'm not sure how. 

I'm starting a laundry experiment that Lauren from Magnify the Lord suggested.  It's weird and goes against everything my mother taught me about laundering.  She would be appalled if I told her that I'm trying this.  You do a load a day of whatever everyone wore that day.  No separating.  Just one load of everything.  I just now got all caught up with the laundry so we are starting tonight.  I'll keep you updated.  

I am doing horrible with trying to be on time.  It's making me really anxious and frustrated because I'm late for nearly everything.  Not super late, no more than 15 minutes but, still, when you are trying to be on time an you are always even a few minutes late, it's frustrating.  I'm pretty sure it's related to #4 so if I can try to stop what I'm doing, it might help.  AAARRRRRGGGGG.  

My saint for the year is St. Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz and the little I know of him, I love him already.  He was a Jesuit martyr and I'm really interested in Ignatian spirituality so he is perfect for this year.  It doesn't seem like there is much info on  him so I'll have to do some hunting.  

Many of these quick takes could be expanded into posts.  I guess I have some blog post ideas ready!!!


  1. I do a load every day like that...Except whites. :) Whites I do once a week. It's so easy! Sorting is for grandma! ;) LOL I do a load even if it's small. The tree huggers would hate me! ;)

  2. How do you do #1?? I still don't know how to do that. Nice progress on the garage. It's such a good feeling to clean and organize!

  3. Yes! Great ideas for posts! I'm glad you can park a car in your garage now! That must feel great! So sorry about giving up your maternity clothes. I'm usually late too, for the same reasons you are!!! When you find a solution, let me know!!! :-) praying for you on your journey for rhythm this year!

  4. I couldn't imagine doing laundry every day, but if it works for you, then keep on doing it!

    I almost resolved to be on time for EVERYTHING this year. I'm only on time for work and yoga, and that's not good!