Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes- Medical Edition

I finally had followups with Dr. LaSalle and the Napro doctor.  I haven't started anything yet, just trying to digest the information. 


Vitamins and Minerals

I'm low in all the Bs (except 6 because I was taking a supplement), magnesium, iron and zinc.  Dr. LaSalle wants me to take a high quality supplements and a probiotic. 



Low progesterone throughout post peak.  Dr. LaSalle thought it was fine and Napro said it was "less than optimal."  Suppositories here we come!



Again, Dr. LaSalle said it was fine and Napro doc wants me to take temps for 10 days out of cycle (Days 5-9 and then Peak +5- Peak +9).  If the temps are below 98.2, they will give me T3 since I have too much RT3.  I've already taken temps for 5 days and not one has been above 97.5.  Hmm.  No wonder why I'm cold all the time. 



Looking good!!


Food Allergies

Lots of very mild allergies so Dr. LaSalle recommended a rotation diet where you only eat a food every four days.  I have to wrap my head around this one after all the changes I've made with my diet.  I tend to eat the same thing everyday until it's gone.  I'll make a pot of soup and eat it everyday for lunch.  The big difference will be stocking up on a variety of foods. 



Napro doc wants a sleep study done.  She said that all the hormone supplements in the world won't help if this is a sleep issue.  I made an appointment to meet with a doctor in town who supervises them and then inadvertently missed it yesterday.  Got caught in traffic.  We are on vacation next week so my new appointment is the week after.  Guess the sleep study won't be done before school starts.  Oh Well. 



I've lost about 10 pounds now.  Several weeks ago, I gained a few and I'm losing 1/2 pound a week so it's took me a month to get back to where I was.  It's been a little frustrating, but I think I found my groove.  The five vegetables a day are key.  Adding fat like butter or bacon to the veggies help them go down.  I'm making veggies like my grandma used to!  I'm exercising in two 20 minutes sessions a day.  I find that I can get my tired self to do 20 minutes.  In the morning I do yoga or weights and a run once a week.  In the afternoon, I'll bike, swim or run.  Once a week, I'm doing an hour run.  Yesterday, I did a 20 minute run and ran  2 10 minute miles which is really fast for me.  It felt great.  I'm also trying to make each day consistent in weight watcher points.  They give you a certain number of points per day based on your weight (I have 29).  Then you have 49 extra point each week to use however you want.  I found I was using those 49 points in 2 or 3 days.  That meant I was eating a whole lot (aka binging) on those days.  Now, instead, I'm shooting for 35 points a day.  I haven't binged in several weeks now.  If I know that I want to splurge on a particular meal, I can eat low points for the other meals of the day and really go all out for one meal. 

Praise God for such great medical care!  Hope everyone has a great week.  You are in my prayers!


  1. Wow- so interesting! Thanks for posting what each doctor said. I have some of your same issues, so I appreciate hearing what other doctors have to say about it as I sometimes think my Napro dr. is not aggressive enough and he's the only one I'm seeing.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Keep it up, girl. That is so good!!

    I was on T3 for awhile because my RT3 was also too high, but then the dr. took me off. I wonder if I should be on it because my temps never go above 98.2 (pre or post-peak). I've also done a sleep study before- fun, fun. I wonder if I should get all my B vitamin levels checked...I'm thinking so. Thanks for the idea.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. All of this sounds like low cortisol and jacked up thyroid...

    Are you on T4 Synthroid only meds? Because that is what could be making your reverse T3 high...It can not convert t4 to t3 so it stores it leaving you hypo.

    Your low iron could be causing the RT3 issues as well...Grassfed ground beef, eat it as raw as you can and I bet that iron will come up naturally.....Your B vitamins can be found in high amounts in pastueured egg yolks. I've gotten all my vitamins up through eating those main things...

    Sleep issues=adrenals
    Cold all the time=thyroid (still hypo)
    Low vitamins=bowel and thyroid

    Symptoms are KEY if you are cold your thyroid is NOT fine. :) sew

  3. If your adrenals are low and you are dealing with insomnia, guess what, cortisol will make you sleep like a baby. Again, symptoms, symptoms, symptoms. You must treat based on symptoms and use bloodwork as a guide.

    Sorry, am I being harsh? I'm so frustrated for you I could scream! ;)- Sew

  4. Wow, you are doing an amazing job with diet an exercise. I wish I had your drive. I hope they figure the sleep thing out and your thyroid. Be Not Afraid

  5. I've done the days of temping and am taking T3. I haven't noticed much of a difference, but I suppose there is. The temping ALL THE TIME drove me nuts! I'm hoping you don't have to do it everyday. :)
    I need to exercise but have always found a reason not to or to do it only 2 days a week. But the 20 mins 2x per day sounds like something I can handle. Thanks for that idea!
    You've got a great handle on this! I'm impressed!!!

  6. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm just starting a workout routine with my dh and hoping that this time we stick to it. You are definitely inspiring me! :)

  7. Thanks everyone for the support- you sure know how to lift up a girl. Thanks, too, for sharing all of your experiences. This is exactly why I started a blog. Hearing everyone's experiences helped me grow in knowledge and nudged me along this path. PPW- did your doc have you fill out the chart with your temps? my doc also gave me a 3 page printout explaining thyroid dysfunction from The Pope Paul VI Institute. If you want a copy, let me know, I can send you one. Sew- I'm not having sleep issues at all (that I know of). The doc wants to rule it out. My adrenal spit test came back normal so hopefully adrenals are good. I'm not on any thyroid meds right now. Still taking temps but thinking i will go on them once I send temps in. You are so not being harsh- I love your input and advice. I have no idea what I'm doing here and you've been down this road ;) HPT- Temping all the time is crazy! I had to pull out the thermometer twice now in traffic on the tollway. And, once at the Sox game. I was supposed to have the temping done last month but with all the other testing, I couldn't wrap my head around it. My DH went to the doc with me and when they asked me for the chart and I didn't have it, he gave me THE LOOK (in a very loving way, of course ;) ). The doc gently said that she needs the temps to diagnose and DH said, "Oh, you'll have the temps." It's much easier to do them with him supporting me. If I would have done them last cycle, he would have not totally understood so I guess it all worked out. Too bad the T3 isn't working for you. It's like chasing a ghost isn't it?

  8. So you are getting a sleep test because you are "tired"? :) Not being sarcastic....I PROMISE! You have photos to blackmale me....LOL :) Just trying to understand....

    If your thyroid is out of whack, more then likely adrenals need a little help. Adrenals run the thyroid...


  9. Sew- The thyroid dysfunction info from Pope Paul VI Inst. said that increased cortisol can affect thyroid even after cortisol normalizes. my adrenals were horrible a few years ago. Could it be that my thyroid needs a reset? Or could my adrenals be yucky even when spit test looks good? thanks so much for sharing your expertise!!! and, yes, I have photos so don't make me mad ;) Just kidding!!!! Getting sleep test because I'm always, always tired and doc wants to rule out sleep disorder. No matter how many hours I sleep, I never wake up refreshed and can always take a nap. I also fall asleep while driving. I think that is what made her want a sleep study. My gut tells me it's not sleep, but I'm going to be a good girl and follow the directions ;) I'm sure detox would help too, right?

  10. No-sleep test won't help you. ;)-

    Not waking up refreshed is adrenals. You are hypo and not treated. All the hormones at your disposal will make you sleep and feel better.

    It's like you run on empty all day. You need to fill you gas tank.

    Blood/spit test are not helpful when symptoms scream hypo with sluggish adrenals. Adrenals run the thyroid, thyroid run hormones.

    If you have to pay for sleep test, I would save your money and find a doctor who will prescribe based off symptoms. IMHO ( even though I don't sound humble) you are being given the run around.

  11. I would never let ppvi touch my thyroid. They make it more difficult then what it needs to be. It's pretty straight forward. ;) again jmho ;)-

  12. Thanks so much Sew. Wow. You really gave me food for thought. I'm thinking that I might just need to move forward on the path I'm on. With all the time and money I've invested and now school is starting.... I'll have to think about it while I'm on vacay this week. Thanks again Sew!!

  13. Wow. I was just reading your sidebar, this post, and comments. We have a lot of sxs in common. I am one tired lady too (and have been contemplating ways to pitch to my husband to let me clear off some of my schedule. He's a sweetheart but simply cannot relate to the constant tiredness and what that does to my personality lol). Praying you get all the answers you need!