Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weight Watchers Redux

Can I just say thank you to everyone who welcomed me.  You are so thoughtful and generous.  Part of me is surprised but, then when I think about what kind of women you are, I'm not surprised at all.  God Bless each and every one of you. 

Here's the skinny on WW:

Even though I usually eat fairly healthy, I have a few bad habits.

1.  I eat when I'm tired and I'm rarely not tired.
2.  I'm an emotional over eater.  I eat when I'm sad, happy, frustrated, scared, confused, etc.

I lost 25 pounds about 5 years ago with WW and slowly put it back on plus some.  When I lost the weight, I thought I would feel better and I didn't.  I was still horribly tired and I was hungry all the time.  Then, I thought when I went gluten, dairy, sugar free, four years ago, the weight would come off easily.  Well, that didn't happen.  In fact, I packed it on.  You can still eat healthy and be overweight!

A friend of mine (who is also struggling to have a baby) and I decided to do WW together.  I'll tell you, I absolutely love it.  They changed their system so fruits and vegetables are 0 points.  This encourages you to eat them and I take complete advantage!  I have never eaten more fruits and vegetables in my entire life.

I'm hoping by losing the extra poundage that I'll have a little more energy.  Also, it has done a number on my psyche.  Feeling out of control of our own behavior is never how God wants us to feel and it's exactly how I've felt for the past few years.  I've really lived in denial for many years about this situation.  A faithful Catholic counselor has helped me realize that at the root of so many of my negative behaviors is physical fatigue.  I've always thought that maybe I suffered from depression but, she doesn't think that's it. 

Now, I'm making better choices when 'tired eating.'  And, I'm noticing that I'm not eating for emotional reasons as much because many of my negative emotions stem from being tired.  I'm frustrated that I'm too tired to do the dishes.  I'm frustrated that I'm too tired to do my schoolwork.  I'm frustrated that I have to drag myself through this beautiful life God gave me.  But, slowly, I'm realizing that God has given me this physical cross and that I have to let Him help me carry it.  By giving it to Him, he's helping me seek out treatment.  And He's helping me realize that if it doesn't go away, I can live my life with it.  I will be limited in what I can do, but He will help me decide how to use the energy I do have instead of relying a disordered attachment to get me through the pain. 

This post got much, much longer than expected.  All I basically wanted to say is:

Weight Watchers Week 12
Pounds lost this week:  .8
Total pounds lost: 8.4

On a related note, I made an appointment with a NaPro doc 2 hours away.  They sent me a thyroid checklist and man, I had lots of symptoms checked.   Hopefully, along with all the testing Dr. LaSalle is doing, we'll get some ideas about what's going on :)


  1. Hi! Just found your blog! welcome!! I am also trying to lose weight (some 20 pounds) so this post is perfect for me. I also overeat when faced with intense emotions and I am thinking of trying out WW.
    I am a practitioner and I am in love with NaPro. If I can be of help! I also have faced fatigue for a very very long time and found a cure with Dr. H in Omaha.

  2. Fatigue is something that really became a problem after my surgeries. It wasn't until I had my adrenals tested that I was given Hydrocort (and a bunch of supplements from my naturopath) that I got my life back.

    I'm sure that Dr H will find a solution for you!

  3. I hope you find some answers. That seems a little too tired, if you know what I mean.

  4. By the way, I love your quote from St. Teresa as well.