Friday, June 24, 2011

Adrenal and Allergy Testing Questions

The Napro doc appointment was great- as great as a doctor's appointment can be.  Between seeing the doctor and the Creighton practitioner, I was in there for 2 hours.  They both collaborated on what tests to perform.  I could hear them talking in the hallway outside the room.  What a gift to have a collaborative atmosphere!  So, these are the blood tests they ordered:

1) Serum progesterone and estradiol P+3, +5, +7, +9, +11: I thought my luteal phase was fine but I have many days of spotting before my period actually starts so I wasn't charting it correctly and it had to go in the post-peak phase not pre-peak.

2) Thyroid: Free T3 and T4, Total T3 and T4, rT3 and TSH

3)  AM Serum Cortisol

4)  Vitamin D3

Dr. LaSalle who I saw a few weeks ago (she's not Napro, she's an MD with a background in endocrinology and integrative medicine) ordered some similar tests so now I'm trying to figure out what next steps to take.  I'm definitely doing all of the above tests.  I'm not so sure about Dr. LaSalle's.  My main question is about the cortisol.  Dr. LaSalle ordered a saliva test taken 4 times a day.  I've done that one twice before.  My main questions are:

Which is a better test: saliva or blood?  If you  think saliva, what lab would you recommend?

The two in the past were done by Diagnostecs and this one is ZRT.  I'm asking because I know a doctor in town that does the adrenals with Diagnostecs and I could just go to her instead of driving 4 hours to Dr. LaSalle. 

Dr. LaSalle also ordered allergy testing for basically everything.  I'm pretty sure it's RAST testing.  NaPro doc said she wouldn't order it- I had to go to primary doc for that.  Again, I'm thinking my in town doctor can do the RAST test.  My question about allergy testing is:

Are there different ways to test for allergies from a blood test?  If so, which test would you recommend. 

It seems from Dr. Google that there is only one type of blood test for allergies which is RAST.  But, you know Dr. guys know lots more!!!!!

There is a part of me that feels so selfish for going through all of this.  I don't have any huge medical problems.  Fatigue and infertility are my main problems.  There was this little voice inside my head yesterday telling me that it's not that bad.  That I shouldn't be there talking about myself for 2 hours, spending tons of my family's money and resources on this 'invisible' problem.  I keep giving it to God every time I think of it.   He keeps reminding me that this is not selfish, it's another way I can give to my family by being healthy and hopefully adding a new life along the way.

Thanks to you all for being there, for reminding me I'm not alone and for sharing your journey.  God Bless!


  1. I just had saliva testing done through Canary Club. It was only $109 for the 4 tests (called diurnal test). I've only heard of saliva being done 4 times a day and blood testing for Cortisol being done in the morning. Personally, if you're dealing with fatigue, I'd want to know my Cortisol levels throughout the day. Just a thought.

    You can also order a bunch of other tests through Canary Club- Thyroid, Vit. D., etc. They send the tests to ZRT labs, but Canary Club charges much less than going through ZRT directly. I don't know if you can bill insurance though. Hope this helps. Feel free to email if you have more questions. Good luck!

  2. Blood cortisol is not worth it, doesn't show what is available by body to use as saliva.....

    Are you getting intolerance testing or allergy testing? I need to put you on my blog roll...

    You know for years I used to have the same voice in my head ergh devil...I was so tired and in so much pain....I would think it was all in my head and I just really wanted the attetention and how selfish of's one of the reasons I fight so hard now because god does not want me to live like this and he doesn't want that for you either ;)

  3. I had my blood cortisol levels done. I guess I should invest in the saliva testing. Napro dr. didn't mention that. As for your fertility, I think a woman's body is intimately connected and if you aren't fertile you aren't healthy. And being healthy is a perfectly reasonable thing to desire for you and for your family. My mother is always telling me, "Your health is your wealth." So go for it. A bad luteal phase has implications down the road for women's health issues, regardless of fertility. We 40 year olds are in a very delicate stage of life:)

  4. PPW- I will definitely check into Canary Club- what a great find- thanks.

    Sew- I checked into the tests I'm getting and I think they are intolerances too but I'm not sure. It's the ELISA test for IgG food antibodies. Does this sound right?

    BNA- I didn't consider that a bad luteal phase has future implications- thanks for the food for thought ;)