Friday, January 11, 2013

Quick Takes- Updates

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends!  Our holiday was festive, fun and full of illness.  I'm pretty sure I brought the flu home.  I coughed for 3 weeks and for several days was on the couch achy and my skin felt so, so sensitive.  Does that ever happen to you?  I ended up on antibiotics for bronchitis and my asthma became tricky to manage.  I ended up working for 5 minutes and resting for 15.  All day.  For 4 days.  It kept the house running and kept me from going stir-crazy.  AJ had an ear infection, 2 rounds of strep and a head cold.  He's been sick for about a month on and off.  
Our handcrafted use-what-is-around-the-house advent wreath

The big one though was my mom.  She's better and home now, but on Monday, I got a call at work from my sister saying my mom was being taken by ambulance to the hospital.  She was unresponsive when they were trying to wake her that morning.  Long story short, she had become severely dehydrated from having the flu and pneumonia.  She was in the hospital all week, but now is at home. Since she's on chemotherapy, the flu hit her very quickly.  She was only sick for about 12 hours before she became unresponsive.  The good news is that she recovered as quickly as she went down.  It's been a long week full of lots of ups and downs.    They had 2 neon green signs in her room that read: Chemotherapy- Handle Carefully.  They were strangely comforting.  
Mom, on right,  with her sister who is also a breast cancer survivor

What I'm thankful for:
good medical insurance and sick leave

Two people who are included everyday in my prayers to St. Jude for a healthy pregnancy are pregnant!  One is the friend who had the miscarriage last spring so the news is (so hard to describe accurately) complicated.   Hard to parse out the sadness, grief, joy and fear.  But, joy, is at the forefront.  Definitely.  


I don't think I've mentioned that my sister moved to Brazil with her family this summer.  She lives in Seattle so having her in Brazil is much the same as far as the schedule of seeing her.  Actually, we've seen lots of her since she moved.  They came in October and again for 5 weeks in December.  It's been blissful having her here with her two girls.  We have a great relationship and she helps so much with my parents.  My parents don't really need much physical help.  But, they need cheerleaders and it's nice to have a partner.  

Also, one of my closest friends moved to Germany this summer.  She was also in visiting so I got to see both of my besties this holiday. 

After the shock of having Fr. James Martin comment on my last blog post (!!!!!!!!!!!!), I never returned to reviewing his wonderful book.  I will pick it back up though...I hear it calling.  

God is Good!


  1. So glad your mom is doing better!

    And how awesome that Fr. Martin commented on your post - that's awesome!!!

  2. That's awesome that Father Martin commented!!! I'm glad you're all on the mend and especially that your mom is feeling much better.

  3. I love your advent wreath, it looks so fancy! I will pray for AJ to get better and for your mom's treatment. That is so cool that Fr. Martin commented! Catholics, we are such clergy groupies :)

  4. Glad to hear your mom is doing better. Illness combined with chemo is a scarey thing.

    What a great Advent wreath, so elegant!

  5. So relieved to hear your mom is okay. That must have been so scary! Hope you and your son are done with your illnesses now.

  6. I LOVE your Advent wreath!!! Thinking about doing it next year! Just beautiful!
    I'm glad your mom is doing better ... and I hope you and your family are too! This year has been terrible with sickness ... although your mom's illness and hospitalization must have been very scary!
    SO neat that Fr. M commented on your last post! :-D