Monday, September 5, 2011

How To

How do you call the one person in your life besides your husband that has had the most impact on your adult life, the person who brought you back to the church in one single sentence (see 'boss' in side bar), the person who through that one sentence resulted in the life of your son- how do you call them and tell them you you are so very sorry the the love of their life has lung and brain cancer? 

You screw up you face, take a deep breath, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, and dial.  You talk, you sympathize, you try to lift up, you realize that person, as usual, is lifting you up.  Then you hang up and cry life a crazy fool into your pillow.  That's how. 

St. Peregrine, Pray for KF and MH.


  1. Ugh! So difficult, but it's so better to make the call than not. I think many people run away from difficult situations like that and never make call. I'm sure they are glad you made the call!

  2. Praying for you and for them!

  3. Prayers for all of you! St Peregrine, pray for us!

  4. I'm so glad you made the call ... and I know they were too. Prayers for you all during this time. How very sad.